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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2153] Re: S-100 existing board pre-order requests

Hi John,

Excellent,  I would like to take you up on your offer of a 'old V1 Console I/O board' let me know how much you want to cover shipping cost and any value you attribute to the board ( I really don't mind paying for it) this will help me greatly, if you want to email me off board that's fine.

Over the last 6 months since I first noticed your website I have purchased nearly all the boards released and currently have either complete or 95% complete:-
S-100 IDE/Compact Flash Board V02
S-100 Parallel I/O Board V1
S-100 80286 CPU Board V01
S-100 RAM/ROM Board V01
S-100 Bus Extender Board V02

I also have a SD systems 10 slot S-100 active terminated backplane which over the next few weeks I will be mounting into a case along with the necessary PSU's

As you can see the next thing I need is a keyboard input/video output capability to interact with the boards I have built,

I would respectfully suggest from the position of a new builder that the two most important boards are the backplane and console I/O without either the system isn't really usable and it could be a showstopper for new people looking in.

I look forward to the new board releases you have announced for this year and plan to buy all the ones announced even if I don't plan to use them immediately.

Many thanks for your help


David Fry

On Saturday, January 4, 2014 10:44:15 PM UTC, monahanz wrote:

Dave is that the only board you need to get going to get started?  If so, I can gift you an old V1 Console-IO board I have. Socketed etc. but with chips removed etc. to get you going.  However  I don’t really want to get into the business of recirculating/digging up old boards I have here, (counting all the prototypes etc. probably >200)  mainly because I don’t document or keep track of them.  If they get into the “pool” they could cause havoc.  However if there is a desperate case,  I can try and find something.


The way out of the log-jam is for us to spread the word and inform other potential S100 fans. 


In the past I suggested we try for smaller batches (with the corresponding 2X price increase), most did not want to go that route.  Perhaps we should it explore again.


The good news is we will be doing V2 of Z80, SMB and 80286 real soon.  Hopefully if people even think they could use these boards in the future they  should get them when the “order” is being assembled.






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Hi Tom,


thanks for the links but I don't think the Gerber files have been made available, I can't see them on Andrews site anyway.


I don't want to tread on toes here but just want to explore the possibility of a limited run before I commit one of my buffered prototyping boards to a wire wrapped version of a console I/O. My initial post a month ago only received one response in favour of a S-100 Console I/O Board re-run so I assume that it may not happen any time soon ???


best regards


David Fry 

On Saturday, January 4, 2014 8:41:05 PM UTC, Tom Lafleur wrote:

I use two proto firms in China for making 2 and 4 layers board (they are agents to a board house, both use the same PWB shop) Takes about 5-7 day for a 4 layer board and 3 days (DHL)  to 12 days (China Post) for shipping...

(just finish a 4 layer board 3x5in, 6mil trace, board back in 11 day for $125 for 10 boards)

You may want to send them the Gerbers and get a price.... make sure you ask for gold on the connector...



this is another firm that will do a two layer board of anything that fits on a 100sq in for $100 with FedEx shipping, and they will send as many copies that will fit on board, but gold add more cost!

(this is the firm SparkFun was using)

some other firms that have reasonable prices..



  <--- firm that Andrew is using I believe....


so, if you need a few boards and can't wait, try some of these firms... Getting quotes is free!


good luck, tom lafleur


On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 10:33 AM, David Fry <dgf...@googlemail.com> wrote:

Hi Josh,


I take your point about more people coming along over time to make another full order viable,


I guess I'm testing the water, my thinking was that all these boards go through a number of prototyping iterations where a small number of boards are purchased by Andrew & John at higher unit cost for the purpose of hammering out a final production design, so it would seem to follow that the PCB production house being used must be happy to produce small prototyping runs with maybe the hope of larger runs to follow.


I am not suggesting that all PCB's should be offered this way but maybe a once in a while adhoc fulfilment of lower demand boards (ones that have had several re runs) to fill the gaps in builders systems where the waiting time may turn out to be lengthy.


I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Andrew again because organising group buys and distribution must soak up a huge amount of his time, as an ebay seller myself I can appreciate the organisation that goes into keeping track of order.




David Fry

On Saturday, January 4, 2014 4:15:28 PM UTC, Crustyomo wrote:

On Sat, 4 Jan 2014 04:44:47 -0800, David Fry wrote:


>I would welcome feedback on this posting from other  S-100 builders out there as to what the general consensus is on smaller >batches/higher cost for the lower demand PCB’s,  of course the final decision is yours but it would help out and encourage the newbies J

Hi David,  You have the right idea of how pcb manufacturers require a minimum quantity.  I've toured two local manufacturers and I can say that there is a lot of set up or a lot of expense.  One plant uses relatively inexpensive equipment but the boards are put through one panel at a time.  The other plant uses some high tech automated equipment that must have cost in the millions.  Don't even waste your time going to plant B for a small order.  Plant A are more likely to welcome any business.  But they have limitations too.  They will get tired and annoyed if you request a lot of little jobs and you will see the price creep up.  For example, requesting 5 boards every 6 months is worse than requesting 10 boards every 12 months.

I am more into the old computers, as such I have learned to just be patient for the right deals to come along.
What I think would help is to get more customers.  I think John said it recently that most new comers are pleased to have found this group.  I'm guessing there are a lot of people out there that would enjoy playing on the S-100 bus, but they just don't know about it.

I have been meaning to make a visit to my local colleges and talk with the electronics teachers there.  I'm sure there's at least a couple of bright students in each school that would like to go beyond the text book.  I wonder if they still teach Digital Electronics with 74xxx series? Or do the students learn about 74xxx in their Electronics History class?


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