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Re: [N8VEM-S100:2153] Re: S-100 existing board pre-order requests

On Saturday, January 4, 2014 4:44:15 PM UTC-6, monahanz wrote:

Dave is that the only board you need to get going to get started?  If so, I can gift you an old V1 Console-IO board I have.

I'd like a prop console board too, perhaps we could saw that single board in half and ship 1/2 to me and 1/2 to Dave, there is an ancient story of justice along these lines.  It doesn't scale.

Now if boards are constructed with non-machine pin sockets and have a stockpile of almost all the parts, the limiting cost is the $23 PCB and keeping PCB costs low is a big deal.  However, "decent quality" machine pin sockets push $1 a piece, gold plate obviously a whole nother level of expense, then theres usually some weird unobtanium thing or another that requires special orders with special shipping and handling.  So there's a whole nother market where the PCB price is practically a rounding error.  Like trying to obtain FDC chips from China and discontinued TO-3 regulators and building backplanes where each backplane socket is $16.  I just (partially) soldered together two bus extender PCBs yesterday where I stuck a $16 socket on a $23 board so this is not theoretical.  There's a lot of $20 boards out there with two $15 ZIF sockets aka $30 for two eeproms, etc.

I'm acknowledge some people would flinch at the idea of a $30 or $40 or $50 board, but lots of people wouldn't.  I could see the market naturally developing where a new board has bulk orders of 20 or 40 at a time and the price remains the low $20 but if you really want a propeller console I/O instead of an old interfacer4 like I've got, I wouldn't much blink till it got over $50 per pcb.