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RE: [N8VEM-S100:2017] Faulty IC Chips from Venders



I see several of the LM regulators spec'd at 4.75 to 5.25 volts... I like to see at least 4.9 volts, due to I - R drops in PC power traces.

Haven't had any problems with reliability in other chips.


DigiKey is "said" to be #1 in the Engineering mags, but I can't ever find what I am looking for as a designer, either.

Had great luck with Jameco, even the Chinese. Often the ebay chips are "pulls", evinced by the new tin plating on the IC leads.

Again, hardly any problems with reliability, even with all the ECB and S100 boards I have built.




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I'm just curious what have people’s experiences obtaining functional IC's from various vendors.

Recently I obtained three LM323K  (TO-3) 5 volt regulators from a well-known CA distributor (Ja*****). Two on testing with 7.5V inputs, delivered only 4.8V, the third 0V. Five Mouser chips delivered 5.0V spot on.

I recently got three 80286-12's and one 80286-8 from a PA distributor (UT******). Two of the 12 MHz chips did not work (in our 80286 S100 board) even at 8 MHz - and appeared dead. Interestingly the one 8MHz chip worked fine at 12 MHz.

I suppose most of these older IC's are "pulls" but I am curious what are the experiences of others.  Currently if I doubt or critical, I order from Mouser.  I often try DigiKey but can never see to find anything with their web search function.



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