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Faulty IC Chips from Venders

I'm just curious what have people’s experiences obtaining functional IC's from various vendors.

Recently I obtained three LM323K  (TO-3) 5 volt regulators from a well-known CA distributor (Ja*****). Two on testing with 7.5V inputs, delivered only 4.8V, the third 0V. Five Mouser chips delivered 5.0V spot on.

I recently got three 80286-12's and one 80286-8 from a PA distributor (UT******). Two of the 12 MHz chips did not work (in our 80286 S100 board) even at 8 MHz - and appeared dead. Interestingly the one 8MHz chip worked fine at 12 MHz.

I suppose most of these older IC's are "pulls" but I am curious what are the experiences of others.  Currently if I doubt or critical, I order from Mouser.  I often try DigiKey but can never see to find anything with their web search function.