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RE: [N8VEM-S100:4462] S-100 Utility Board Status?

Somewhat related Andrew, the companion VDP video board prototype is complete. See:-



Leon and Neil, just got copies, pending their review, I think the only changes for a “commercial run” would be changes to the onboard speaker connections/locations and more info on the boards silkscreen. 





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At one point late last year Andrew L. and Neil B. were working on a new "S-100 Utility" card which was basically most of the hardware from an MSX computer on one card.


This card would also be very useful to new S-100 builders because it has RAM/ROM/UART/parallel all on one board.


What is the status of this board design?  I remember there was one email thread about the ROM loading being somehow problematic, but that was a long time ago.


I'd like to do the board run on this one when it's done (assuming no one else has spoken for it), and I think we should try and wrap it up as it will be very useful in the future.


Andrew B.

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