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Digital Research - Gary Kildall

In 1974, Dr. Gary A. Kildall, while working for Intel Corporation, created CP/M as the first operating system for the new microprocessor. With his wife Dorothy in 1975 he founded Digital Research to develop and market the product.

By 1977, CP/M had become the most popular operating system in the fledgling microcomputer (PC) industry. It dominated the 8 bit computer arena and was beginning to also dominate the 16 bit microprocessor arena as CPM86 until the IBM-PC arrived with its own DOS.   Gary unfortunately died a few years later in 1994 at the early age of 52. He was a true pioneer. Only years later did his software contributions become recognized.  ware made possible PC computing as we know it at the turn of the 20th century.

Gary Kildall