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A PDP-11 Monitor
This monitor is for the S100 bus PDP-11 CPU board described here.   Unlike the Intel family of CPU's,  the PDP-11 starts up using a "Power On Circuit"  that either directs the CPU to its own internal (simple) monitor or to and external ROM.  This is all described in some detail here.

Here is how the monitor signs on when the CPU gets control of the S100 bus with the Z80 Monitor "O" command.
  PDP Monitor Signon
Please note this monitor is currently under active developement (July 2017).  There are sections that call upon the "PDP-11 Support" board.  This board is still in the prototype stage and not available yet.  Please return here from time to time for updated versions.

Here is a list of the main functions within the PDP-11 monitor I have written so far:-

Setup all equates for ports and memory locations etc.
From the A-Z command jump table go to:-

Display memory map for 0 to FFFFH
XModem -- File downloads
Display RAM
Echo a keyboard character on console
Fill RAM with a HEX value (Bytes)
GoTo a RAM location
Fill RAM with a HEX value (Words)
Display the bit pattern of the IOBYTE port
Display menu on console
Rapid port ASCII output test to console
Move and verify memory
Query and set ports
Setup Interrupt vector table in RAM and activate all interrupts
Substitute values in RAM (Bytes)
Display ASCII in RAM
Test Speech output routine
Verify two RAM areas are the same
Tu58 Tape Drive Sub-Menu
Test Event timer
Turn off Interrupts
Switch back to Z80 CPU

Support routines

Table of pointers to routines within the monitor
Data area

The links below will contain the most recent versions of the above software.
Note, it may change over time and may not correlate exactly with the text in the article above.

DC-11 User Guide                                                                     ( 2/13/2017)
PDP-11 Programmers Card                                                   ( 4/5/2017)
AsmPDP Assembler (Zip File)                           ( 4/5/2017)    
(From http://mdfs.net/Software/PDP11/Assembler) 

PDP.MONITOR (V1.15a) (Pdf Fie)                     ( 8/14/2017)
PDP.MONITOR (V1.15a)  (Zip File)                   (8/14/2017)

This page was last modified on 08/14/2017