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California Computer Systems - 2016B  16K RAM Board
This was a relatively late 16K static RAM board to appear on the S-100 scene.


This board utilized 2114 RAM chips which were available in 200, 300, or 450 nano sec at the time. 4K memory blocks individually addressable to any 4K Boundary was possible.   Bank selection by Bank Port and Bank Byte was possible. The board could be set to be bank dependent or bank independent. LED's Indicated the Board Active and Bank Active States.  There was a wait state switch for slow memories and a phantom line. The board could be selected or deselected by the power on clear signal. The board was designed to meet all the IEEE-696 standard requirements.A very nice RAM diagnostic program was supplied with the board and is described in the manual.
The manual for this board can be obtained here. The schematic in that manual is almost unreadable.
It looks like the JTM 16M Static board is the same. Here is its schematic.


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