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Industrial Micro Systems - 80186 CPU Board
This is one of the few 80186 CPU boards for the S-100 bus. By this time IMS had matured into a state of the art S-100 board manufacture.   IMS and ICM were two separate companies that had very similar product lines when this board was manufactured in 1985.  See IMS History.  It wasn't until 1988 that IMS purchased ICM.  As best as I can tell there was one type of 80186 bus master (with no onboard RAM) and at least two slave CPU's.
These today are fairly rare boards. 
  A1270 IMS Board
  A1510 IMS Board
The top picture is an IMS A1270 "Master 186 CPU Processor" and is the companion (lower pictures) an A1510 186  and CPZ-186  "User Processor".  These were TurboDos only boards, the User Processors couldn't boot without the Master Processor.  The Master would load it's OS from disk and then search for running User boards, when it finds a user board at a specific port, it will then read in the User board's OS from disk and write it into the User board's memory.

Documentation on setting up a system utilizing these boards can be obtained here.


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