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Lomas Data Products  History
This was an 8086 board which also had both the 8087 and 8089 math and I/O co-processors on the board.


Lomas Data Products was one of the first vendors to advertise 8086 and 8088 CPU boards for the S-100 bus when those processor chips became available.  While the 8086 supplied with this board was capable of running at an 8 MHz clock rate, the board came set up to operate with a 5 MHz clock, since that was the fastest available speed for the accompanying 8087 chip.

The Lomas "Lightning One" had a great many options. It was full compatibility with existing 8-bit memories and peripherals, as well as true 16-bit systems with 16-bit memory for maximum speed.  Jumper options were provided to run the board with a 4, 5, 8 or 10 MHz main clock, so the board can be set up for all the then currently available chip speeds.

There was an 8259A interrupt controller and two 28-pin sockets capable of accommodating two 2716, 2732 or 2764 EPROMs on board. Using two 2764s, you could have up to 16K of on-board firmware.   There was the usual vector interrupt capability which could be expanded to 65.  The board came with a simple "Zapple like" monitor in the onboard ROM.

I do not currently have a manual.  If you wish to donate one (or a color picture) please let me know.  


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