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Macrotech --  History
This is Macrotech's best known board. It represented the best of the 8 bit world (Z80) and the (then) 16 bit world (80286) all on one very dense 4 (or 6)  layer board.

Macrortech 80286 Board

The board featured a Z80H which could run at 2 or 8 MHZ and a 80286 which ran at 8 MHZ.  The board also had a 80287 math co-processor.  The board was completely IEEE-696 compatible. There is a good write-up comparing this board and the CompuPro 8086/87 board in the S-100 Journal (vol1,#5,1987), see here.  Unfortunately there may have been some issues with the reliability of later boards, though I have not seen this confirmed. There was another more detailed write-up of the board by Charles Storm in the July 1985 issue of the Micro/Systems Journal (Vol 1, #3,p48). It can be obtained here.

The manual for this board can be obtained here, the schematic for this board can be obtained here.
Unfortunately you will see the board utilized 4 PALS without their equations. This makes the board debugging/repairing difficult.


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