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Marinchip Systems--- TMS 9900 CPU Board

This is an extremely rare board today. It was the only CPU board Marinchip manufactured.

TMS 9900 CPU Board

Marinchip Systems developed a CPU board which allowed the Texas Instruments TMS-9900 processor to be used on the  S-1OO bus. This board they clamed, with its M9900 CPU, replaced the 8080 or Z-8O CPU board in an S-1OO system, and uses the bus existing memory and peripherals, (or almost any S-100 compatible board). In other words it acted as an S-100 bus master.

The TMS9900 was an extremely powerful processor, which featured hardware multiply and divide instructions, multiple sets of 16 general purpose registers, addressing modes including direct, indirect, indexed, and auto-increment, and a context switch mechanism that allows both rapid interrupt response and user extension of the hardware instruction set. The TMS9900 was a single chip processor that was comparable to the PDP-11 in many respects, and exceeded it in several important ways, notably the provision of 16 registers instead of 8 and the fact that the user could have as many independent register sets as one wanted. The  need  not  be  limited  to hardware registers within  the CPU.

The manual for this board can be obtained here and here.

Marinchip  S-100 Boards
TMS9900    64KDRAM


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