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Marinchip --  History 

I have very little information on this company. Apparently it was started by a Mike Riddle who had previously worked for ComputerVision and its CADDS3 system. He wrote a program called "INTERACT" in his spare time, starting in 1977. He was somewhat slowed down by the state of hardware at the time -- he had to write the program in pieces, and assemble it as larger memory boards became available. Ultimately, he decided he needed a processor that could support hardware multiply. Marinchip Systems, owned by John Walker and Dan Drake, made an S-100 main board with a TI TMS-9900 processor that fit the bill. In 1981, Riddle, Walker, Drake, and about a dozen other people co-founded Autodesk. Interact was rewritten in C to run on the new IBM PC, and was rechristened the well know program AutoCAD.  

They produced three boards, a TMS 9900 CPU board, a 64K Dynamic RAM board and a PROM/RAM/Serial-IO/RTC board.  I do not have a picture of the PROM/RAM board, but here is it's manual.

Here and here are two brochures for the company's  CPU board.

Marinchip  S-100 Boards
TMS9900    64KDRAM

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