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Pickles & Trout  --  488 Interface Board
The board permitted any S-100 system to act as a listener, talker or controller in a IEEE-488 bus system.

488 Interface Board

The P&T-488 had four read/write registers which appear as four input/output (I/O) ports to the S-100 host machine. The ports were addressed as four consecutive I/O ports with the first port address an integral multiple of 4 (0, 4, 8, 0CH, .... FCH).   The addresses used by the P&T-488 were set by means of a DIP switch on the upper left corner of the interface board. All boards were set at the factory for I/O ports 7C through 7F Hex, and all software supplied by Pickles & Trout assumes these addresses. The address used by both the board and the software could be changed by the user.   Working with instruments on the IEEE-488 bus requires knowledge of how this bus worked. The manual provided by Pickles & Trout that came with this board did a reasonable job of this. They also provided software examples.
The manual for this board can be obtained here.
There was a good review of this board by Richard Newrock in the April 1983 issue of Microsystems (Vol 4,#4, p74) it can be obtained here.
Peter Anderson wrote up an excellent article about Interfacing to the 488 bus in the Sept. 1984 issue of Microsystems (Vol 5, #9, p88). It can be obtained here.


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488 Interface board

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