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This was a very early - and now relatively rare SD. Systems  EPROM burner board.  

EPROM Burner

The SD SYSTEMS  PROM-100 board   was   a  high  performance  circuit capable  of programming  the   industry  standard  2708  1K X 8 EPROM, Intel's  2758   1K X 8 EPROM,   2716  2K X 8  EPROM,   2732 4K X 8 EPROM and Texas Instruments  2516  2K X 8 EPROM.   The PROM-100   was   selected for the   appropriate EPROM type   through  dip  switches  S1   and S2.  Another notable   feature  of the  PROM-100   was   the  25V programming pulse generated  on board,   eliminating  the  need  for an  external   25V supply.  The board occupied  I/O addresses 68H, 69H and 6AH.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.


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