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Vector Graphic ZCB Single Board Computer
The Vector Graphic ZCB board probably represents the apex of board design at the company.


The board provided the capability of a complete computer system on a single board. It contained the equivalent of a CPU board, a PROM/RAM board and an I/O board, all contained on one S-100 bus compatible board.   The board contained a Z-80 microprocessor initially running at 4 MHz but later boards were upgraded to run at 6MHz. It had 1024 bytes of static RAM memory and sockets for up to 12K of PROM. It had one serial I/O port and three 8-bit parallel ports. Circuitry was provided to support static or dynamic memories. All 8-bit 8080 signals were generated making the ZCB compatible with older 8080 based systems. Input loading on the bus was no more than 1 low power TTL load while output fan-out was capable of up to 10 TTL loads. The ZCB could be used as a complete microcomputer in some process control applications. It was somewhat similar in concept to the SD Systems SBC.
The manual for this board can be obtained here


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