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Re: CF card images

Hi John,

There is no problem copying CF card to CF card within CPM3.
I don't actually have a dual IDE S-100 board built yet.
We were talking about making an image of a CF card containing CPM3 in
MS Windows or DOS or LINUX, and making that image available for others
to use.

Best regards

On Jul 15, 2:04 am, "John Monahan" <mon...@vitasoft.org> wrote:
> Leon, on the CF card copying what was the problem?  If you format a CF card
> in drive #2 you must reset the "disk" with a ^C before doing a disk A->B
> copy.  Then ^C again before reading the (new) Disk for the first time.   For
> some reason CPM and/or the disk gets out of sync with these processes.
> These cards are real sensitive about getting a reset pulse before first
> being accessed.  This is always sent with a CPM ^C -- to both disks, as each
> is accessed for the first time.   The symptoms of a "reset problem" are the
> very first sector is crapped up -- and always only that one!  After you do a
> disk A->B copy, do a verify (at least for the first track or two).  
> If the problem persists please let me know.  BTW, you can always correct the
> above by doing a HSYSGEN on the CF card.  In CPM, go to drive #2 (your
> freshly copied disk) and type HSYSGEN. Follow the instructions. Remember
> HSYSGEN always "does" the currently selected drive.
> John
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> Hi Phil,
> Congratulations on getting the Sol-20. Was it from EBay the other day?
> Very Nice!
> I have been looking at some freeware backup programs that do sector by
> sector backup to an image file.
> Easeus Todo Free Version looked like it might do the trick. But I tried
> doing a sector backup of an N8VEM-S100 compact flash and restore from the
> backup file and found the CF didn't boot.
> There may be a way to do this by using the linux utility "dd".
> There is a windows version here:http://www.chrysocome.net/ddyou should be
> able to make a raw image of a CF on a USB cardreader
> using:
> "dd if=\\?\Device\Harddisk1\Partition0 of=c:\temp\usb2.img bs=1M -- size
> --progress"
> I have to check if this actually works. - I tried it. It seems to work but
> then the imaged CF doesn't boot.
> I think the problem is the usb card reader so I'll try the CF on an IDE/CF
> addapter next.
> I also tried with wxHexEditor but haven't got very far yet.
> If I image a CF with CPM3 on it that you can restore to your CF you sill
> won't have the correct CBIOS for the SOL-20.You will have to modify John's
> CBIOS or, if you can get hold of a SOL-20 CBIOS source, add in Johns IDE
> stuff to it.
> You can do all that in the Altair Z80 simulator but you can only write to a
> floppy disk image (.imd).
> If you email me the floppy image I can load it onto a floppy with IMD, copy
> it to a CF in my S-100 system, then image it up to a file (with some program
> yet to be tested) and email you back the CF image file.
> If anyone can think of a better way to do this please let me know.
> It would be wonderfull if we had a simulated IDE drive in the Altair
> simulator or were able to write directly to the compact flash from the
> simulator. Maybe someone knows how to do this?
> Best regards
> Leon
>  On Jul 14, 2:11 am, Nama <forum...@mac.com> wrote:
> > Oops. That was supposed to say 's100computers.com', It seems I lost
> > the 's100' part in the original post. Sorry about that.
> > On Jul 13, 8:00 pm, Nama <forum...@mac.com> wrote:
> > > Hi all,
> > > I'm new to this forum and to the world of S100 and CP/M. However I
> > > have just acquired a SOL-20 with the idea that I want to learn more.
> > > As my SOL-20 did not come with and disk drives so I have just
> > > ordered one of the John and Andrew's dual IDE boards with the
> > > thought of building it up and running CP/M from a CF card. I have
> > > confidence that I can build the hardware, but getting CP/M onto a CF
> > > card looks to be very challenging, more so considering I presently
> > > have zero knowledge of CP/M or S100 machines!!!!
> > > There is a thread on computers.com's forum under the software
> > > section where someone is asking if it would be possible to back up a
> > > CF card containing a generic CPM3 install using some backup software
> > > such as Dave Dunfields ImageDisk. That backup file could then be
> > > placed on the internet so that others (and myself) could download it
> > > reinstall it on on of their CF cards. This could be an easy way to
> > > bootstap a system if people don't have access to a running CP/M system
> already.
> > > I was wondering if someone here would be willing to do this for the
> > > community. John says he can then post the file, but if not, I can
> > > put it on my server for all to download.
> > > Much thanks in advance
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