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Re: [N8VEM-S100:4340] Another route to write a CPM3 image to a CF card for the S100 IDE board


Works for me and I have tested pip between drives as well.  BTW my parts will be here tomorrow so hopefully I will get prop con working tomorrow night and then can see what is wrong with the original image I put out and then we can be working from a common set of binaries.


On Tuesday, June 24, 2014 2:56:50 PM UTC-5, David Fry wrote:
I seem to have a weird problem,
have you tried copying a file to the CF card using CP/M pip command
pip a:test.sys=a:cpm3.sys
when I do this on my setup it seems to corrupt the directory and overwrite it with file data.
can you check yours and get back to me
David Fry
On Monday, June 23, 2014 8:29:20 PM UTC+1, Thomas Owen wrote:
Well, I finally have a "no holes "system that boots and supports both A: and B: on the IDE card, and C: on a ZFDC.  Although I do not have the ZFDC in the system yet, I get the "ZFDC initialization error" John mentioned earlier, then the A prompt.
I want to personally thank Dave (yoda) for helping me identify a problem in my system with HIDE3.ASM (drive reset pulse) that was causing initialization issues.   Additionally, the use of cpmtools as he outlined earlier in this thread to create your disk image is a very simple process.


On Sunday, June 22, 2014 11:07:56 PM UTC-4, monahanz wrote:
That's good to hear Gary. The changes going fromV4.57 to 5.02 are listed as follows:-

;        V4.57        6/3/11                Set up an equate for IDE drive reset pulse, Fixed Z command (Last version using MM58167 RTC chip)
;        V4.6        11/27/11        Switched to Dallas Semiconductor/IBM-PC CMOS-RTC chip & MSDOS Support board for time & dates
;        V4.7        3/26/12        Cleaned up IOBYTE options. Added 68000 CPU, I/O to serial port.
;        V4.8        10/27/12        Corrected SERIAL_STAT: error. Further cleaned up info on IOBYTE
;        V4.9        11/3/12        Added ability (XH, XL) Command to switch to low/high pages in 28C64 EEPROMS (for V2 Z80 Board)
;        V5.0        12/18/13        Add "C" menu option to download a ZModem file from a PC/Serial/USB port directly to RAM
;        V5.01        12/30/13        Add PC-Printer routines for new parallel Port Board with ST8C34 chip (ST8C4 = TRUE)
;        V5.02        1/31/14        Allow output to port EEH 01h activate TMA0* (8086,80286,80386 Boards) and 02h TMA1* (68000 Board)

Do you get the initial "#"  character on the screen.
Do you get the signon message.
Need symptoms to answer "does not work properly"


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John -

At least  for me, your images boot just fine without a functional ZFDC board in the system.  It boots with the ZFDC board and no floppy drives, or no ZFDC board.

I'm using a SMB, Serial I/O, Propeller Console I/O, Parallel board,  Z80 CPU and 4mb SRAM.

I am using the earlier V4.57 of your monitor (for some reason I can't get the V5.02 to work properly, open to ideas!).

- Gary

On 6/21/2014 12:49 AM, John Monahan wrote:
> Dave not sure why your system is hanging without the ZFDC board.  In the two systems I have here, one has the ZFDC board the other does not.   I flip the CF cards around all the time. If the ZFDC board is not present I put out a warning "Failed to initialize the ZFDC Board" but then the loader continues on.  If I pull the ZFDC board out on my main system, also no hang!    Wish I could be of more help -- I'm  so bogged down on other boards right now I can't get my head above water.   I have one more week to do a lot then on a 3 week vacation (Grease, Turkey  -- forget internet!).  Want to try and get a few things completed before I go.
> John
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> a CF card for the S100 IDE board
> Yes but before you put the image on the CF card you can add/delete files with the cpmtools because they know the underlying CPM file system of the image.  That is the beauty of this implementation.  I would not put the floppies in the base images until you fix it so the system does not hang if the board is not detected.
> Dave

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