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Re: [N8VEM-S100:122] call for ECB SBC V2 information


Battery BT1. there is no info on voltage ?

In regards to the SBC V2, C24 - C28 appear to be electrolytic, but I
cannot find (on the wiki or the schematic) any specs ie. Voltage...

Capacitor C1 is listed as C1V5, can I assume this means electrolytic 5v?
Capacitor C31 is listed as "22uF C1V5", does this mean electrolytic 5v also?

What is the nature of diode D2?

I guess resistors R3 through R8, and R10 are ghosts?

If I understood these mysteries, I could proceed onward with confidence.

Any help would be appreciated.


On Mar 16, 2011, at 7:10 AM, Jack Rubin wrote:

> Douglas,
> You're probably referring to the multiple "bypass" capacitors which limit 
> spiking on fast responding TTL logic. They are generally "monolithic" type in 
> the .1 to .01 uF range. Color varies depending on vendor and packaging spec, but 
> they are are often yellow-orange in color, though I've often used bright blue 
> ones as well. On older S100 boards (1980's vintage), these were often ceramic 
> disk capacitors, same value but physically quite a bit larger, again in a 
> variety of colors. Orange, red and green were common.
> Jack
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>> Sent: Wed, March 16, 2011 8:29:14 AM
>> Subject: [N8VEM-S100:121] call for ECB SBC V2 information
>> Hi friends,
>> I am building my first SBC V2. I am already impressed with  the card format
>> due to its small size and weight. I think these Eurocards are  very nice.
>> I bought most of what I needed from Jameco, and I am writing  up a new
>> Jameco parts list with part numbers... Most of the parts I  understand, but I
>> am a little confused about the capacitors. The few pictures  I have found of
>> built up boards appear to have little blue rectangular  capacitors, which I am
>> not familiar with.
>> It would be very helpful if  someone could provide a close-up photo of a
>> built up board, and some more  explicit information about the capacitors.
>> I have so many questions about  small details of construction that would be
>> answered by a good  photograph.
>> There are a variety of documents on the wiki about the SBC,  but most of 
>> them are two years old, and pre-V2. As soon as I get critical  mass on this
>> board, I will write up a very complete how-to with explicit  parts lists...
>> Can someone help me out a little with this  please?
>> Douglas Goodall