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Re: S-100 68K CPU board status

Hi!  Yes, there are at least two ways we can go to get CP/M-68K

1.  use the cross assembler and small-C compiler to build the loadable
CP/M-68K binary image.  This has merit since the CP/M-68K source code
is in C.

2.  extract the "as is" binary image from the CompuPro disk images.
Probably it is wedged in on the first few sectors with a bootstrap
loader pulling the main binary image from the subsequent tracks.

Either path should work it is just a matter of deciding which.  We may
have to try both depending on how it goes.

Can you compile the CP/M-68K C source code?  Would you please give
that a try and see how far it goes?

Thanks and have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

On Dec 27, 8:18 am, Mike <m....@pikeaero.com> wrote:
> Guys,
> Dunno if it helps but I just posted a simple 68k cross-assembler as
> well. I've been using for assembling 68k ROM code on an x86 linux host.
> Source is here,http://8bit.zapto.org/index.php/68000-assemblerit
> should build on pretty much any gcc or so.
> I've got a 68k Small-C compiler that builds ROM-able assembler source
> code (suitable for the above assembler) in the works along with a
> simulator that will simulate some of the N8VEM cards.
> I have been porting these tools from VAX/VMS 'C' source.
> --Mike
> http://8bit.zapto.org