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This was the first board IMSAI made for the S-100 bus. It came with every original 8080 Computer system.

IMSAI 8080 CPU Board

The IMSAI MPU-A 8080 CPU card was what the original Altair equivalent card should have been.   It was made on a better quality board with proper gold plated edge connectors and a cleaner well spaced trace pattern. Clearly resistor packs were still not that common and nothing but the absolute essentials to put the 8080 signals on the bus were present. It was meant to be a direct copy of the Altair board although it did use a 16 pin connector on the top right hand corner to interface to the front panel instead of Altair Molex connector. Clock and strobe signals were generated by a 8224 clock driver.
The manual for this board can be obtained here.  The schematic can be see here. Its interesting to see how simple this board is. The S100 bus was really at the start just an 8080 bus!


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