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The VIO was a later IMSAI board.


The VIO interfaced to the computer as a 4K byte block or memory. 2K was used to store the display and 2K was utilized for software in ROM. The onboard RAM was 16 2102's.  IMSAI had their display memory at 0F000H by default. With the ROM software at F700H.  The display was up to 24x80 characters/screen. It was targeted primarily for the ill-fated VDP-80 system.  The board also contained a fairly elaborate system monitor program in its ROM's to read paper tapes, cassette tapes or boot disks.  Composite video was the only output through a coax cable (top left).
The manual for this board can be seen here
Gary Sabot wrote a nice review of programming graphics for this board in March 1981 for Microsystems (Vol 2, #2, p30).  It can he seen here.


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