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S.C. Digital -- 80286 CPU Board

S.C Digital a relatively unknown company in the S-100 marketplace surprised people by quickly coming out with this IEE-696 compatible 80286 board in January 1983.  It was very competitively priced and well designed.

SC Digital 80286 board

The board features the Intel 80286 and had an empty socket for the math coprocessor, the 80287.  There were a few jumpers on the board but unfortunately I cannot locate my manual for this board.  I know it works fine as a slave CPU with the Intersystems Z80-II CPU board when configured as shown in the above picture.  The two jumpers in the bottom middle of the board are for MWRT and "CPUSEL".  The latter goes to S-100 pin #22 to have the Z80 float all address lines. The jumpers at J1 are for wait states (DRAM boards, RAM boards, and IO). The switches on the top right are for M1CLOCK, MEMW, REFRESH (I have these in on position) and #4 16 Bit in off  position. 

I'm look around for the manual, the good news is I do have the S.C. Digital (hand drawn) schematics for the board. 
They can be obtained here.


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