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S.C. Digital -- 16K Dynamic RAM Board
S.C Digital came out with this board around January 1979. It was their first S-100 board.

S.C. Digital 32K RAM

The board utilized the TMM 2016P Fully Static 4Kx8 memory chips for reliability and DMA capability. The board had 16 or 24 bit addressing and an 8 or 16 bit wide data path.  It could also utilize the (common at the time)  Cromemco bank select feature for a 32K memory block. EPROM's could be inserted in sockets in place or RAM chips. Access time was fast, 250 nsec. for 4MHz Z80's or 8MHz 8086's without a wait state. There even was provision for battery backup.

I do not have a manual for this board. (With all those switches looks like it will be needed).  If you have one please let me know.


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