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TDL Z80 CPU Board (ZPU).
This was the S-100 board that launched the TDL company.


The Board had the following features:-

The ZPU Card, TDL's Altair/IMSAI compatible Z-80 CPU card was designed to allow the Z-80 microprocessor to run, without modification to the mainframe, in either an Altaic 8800 or an IMSAI 8080.

At the same time, the design was configured to allow maximum versatility to the user, allowing the full potential of the Z-80 to be available to the user.

In order to complement the Z80, which requires only a regulated +5 Volt supply, no components were used which require any other voltage. The total current drain is typically 750ma.

Separate jacks are provided to accommodate the front panel connectors of both the Altair and the IMSAI, and the ZPU user may at his discretion elect to install either one, or both during assembly.

The manual for this board can be obtained
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