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Re: [N8VEM-S100:594] Re: S-100 68K CPU board status

Yeah, it's too much for small-C, that's for sure.

However, I have gotten my hands on the complete source code to the
original Alcyon C compiler that it looks like they where using to
compile CP/M-68K.

Given this new find, my objective now is to get the Alcyon C cross
compiler/assembler and linker running on Linux. It looks like the
compiler was built originally on VAX or PDP, and perhaps was then ported
to some flavor of Unix by the looks of it, so this is looking very
do-able, I'd say.

    Copyright 1982
    Alcyon Corporation
    8716 Production Ave.
    San Diego, Ca.  92121



On 12/27/2011 09:30 AM, Mike wrote:
> On 12/27/2011 08:51 AM, lynchaj wrote:
>> Hi!  Yes, there are at least two ways we can go to get CP/M-68K
>> running.
>> 1.  use the cross assembler and small-C compiler to build the loadable
>> CP/M-68K binary image.  This has merit since the CP/M-68K source code
>> is in C.
> [clip]
>> Can you compile the CP/M-68K C source code?  Would you please give
>> that a try and see how far it goes?
>> Thanks and have a nice day!
>> Andrew Lynch
> Sure, I can work on that. I expect that I'll probably have trouble with
> Small-C though. I expect I would make more progress once I start porting
> Small-C-Plus to 68K, as it is a much more complete implementation of the
> K&R 'C' of the time.
> That was next on my list was to port my Small-C 68K run-time support
> over to Small-C-Plus and get that operational.
> Anyway I'll see what there is to see, I've never looked at CP/M source
> code before, should be interesting.
> --Mike
> http://8bit.zapto.org