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Processor Technology - CUTS Board
This was a very popular cassette data storage board.  CUTS stands for "Computer Users Tape System".

Processor technology CUTS SBoard    

CUTS was a high speed (then), simple to use audio cassette interface that operated at 300 and 1200 bps data rates under program control.  The recording technique used was asynchronously Manchester coded at 1200 or 2400 Hz and is CUTS/Byte/ Kansas City Standard compatible. 
Two separate tape transport control outputs and two common audio inputs and outputs were provided to drive one or two recorders with this board. In addition, CUTS had provision for selecting 1) a low level audio output signal for driving the microphone input to an audio recorder, 2) a high level audio output signal for driving the auxiliary input to an audio recorder, and 3) a 5-volt peak-to-peak square save outĀ­put for driving a digital recorder.  A fully automatic gain control operated in the read mode.  Unlike other cassette interfaces, CUTS had absolutely no critical adjustments that must be preset or adjusted during operation. 

Processor Technology sold all their software in CUTS format on cassettes (as well as on paper tape).  The format was widely used in the early S-100 days. However later the faster and more reliable Tarbell controller dominated.

The manual for this board can be seen here


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