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Processor Technology - GPM
This was a combined RAM and EPROM S-100 board.

 Processor Technology GPM Board   

The GPM was an early S-100 bus compatible memory module available in kit or assembled form for use in 8080-based computers including the Processor Technology Sol, and models by several other manufac­turers.  It has a capacity of 10,240 of 8-bit bytes of read-only-memory (ROM) for storing programs as "firmware", and 1024 bytes of read-write-memory (RAM) which was normally used as a "scratch-pad" memory.  The user could store any frequently used programs on the GPM, or use the module to house a companion product, the ALS-8 program development system, a resident monitor-assembler system, available in ROM.  GPM could be adapted for use with several types of ROM's and PROM's including types such as 9216B, 8316E, 34000P, and 2708's.  A switch-selectable automatic start-up mode was included, so that the system is "up" and ready to accept commands as soon as power is applied.  All signal lines were fully buffered.
The GPM memory was available separately or as a component module in a system of five modules; "Subsystem B", by Processor Technology. Subsystem B included CUTS, VDM-1, 3P+S, and a choice of RAM memory boards, as well as the GPM. CUTS provided cassette tape mass storage interface; VDM-1 provided a video display interface; 3P+S provided parallel and serial data channels for keyboard, TTY, paper tape reader or other peripherals; the RAM memory provided working systems storage area. GPM fit into this system by providing the CUTER monitor program, and space for the ALS-8 program development system or other "firmware".
The manual for this board can be obtained here


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