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Re: [N8VEM-S100:627] Alcyon C Compiler [aka CP/M-68K compiler]

On 12/28/2011 03:32 PM, j...@cimmeri.com wrote:
> Thanks, Mike.   Wordpad in Windows XP opens the doc files perfectly.
> Is there another compiler being used also, ie. the below "Regulus 68000 C
> compiler" ie. C68?  Or is Regulus the name of the compiler prior to DRI
> acquiring it and calling it Alcyon (my guess)?

I'm not sure about the naming, I see in some of the source code comments
that sometimes it's referred to as "Regulus". Not sure what that's all
about or which is the proper name for it. I guess if the docs call it
Regulus then perhaps thats what we aught to be calling it? Not sure.