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Re: [N8VEM-S100:623] Alcyon C Compiler [aka CP/M-68K compiler]

Very nice of you, Douglas.   My understanding is that Alycon C was a DRI
compiler that was included with CP/M-68K (also used on at least the Atari
ST) and was used to compile CP/M-68K itself on some other host machine
(possibly a VAX).

I have an operational, but OS-less, 68K machine here based on all CompuPro
boards, using a monitor of my own devising.  If I come up with any useful
methods for getting CP/M-68K running on my system, I'll be sure to share
them here.

The way I got CP/M-80 going on my IMSAI was to compile original CP/M-80
source into a binary using DRI's ASM, then use my monitor to upload that
binary directly into memory.  Other routines in my monitor then wrote
out the binaries to floppy or hard disk to make them bootable.  I plan
on using the same method with CP/M-68K since I'm translating my IMSAI
8080 monitor over to the 68K machine, and they share many of the same

Btw, the reason I compiled original source instead of using CompuPro
binaries was simply to enjoy the satisfaction of going through the
whole process.  Comparing the CompuPro binaries with the compiled source
binary of course yielded identical results... so working with source is
a matter of personal preference.

- John

Douglas Goodall wrote:

I will ask a  friend of mine who wrote CP/M-68K if they are still available.


On Dec 28, 2011, at 11:24 AM, j...@cimmeri.com wrote:

Hi, Mike.   Do you know if there's any docs available online for Alcyon C?


Mike wrote:

The port of the Alcyon C compiler to linux that I am working on has a
home here now: