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Ithaca Audio VIO card.

This was  Intersystems a later Serial IO card.

Intersystems 6-SIO Board

In early systems, a single serial communications link was all that most microcomputers required. As things evolved fpt the S-100 bus this longer was the case. A new generation of multi-tasking, multi-user operating systems and hardware required I/O in depth. The InterSystems 6-SI0 provided this facility elegantly, reliably, and economically. Six channels of programmable-baud-rate RS-232 interface were provided; two of the channels could alternately provide current loop capability, and two other channels included the necessary clock connections for synchronous data communications.

The 6-SIO was available in two versions, with or without interrupt controllers. For systems that needed the response time and throughput advantages of interrupt-driven I/O, the 6SI0-1 had two 9519 interrupt controllers to provide 16 levels of interrupt response. The interrupts could be individually disabled, masked, and adjusted to a variety of operational modes by a powerful selection of software commands.  In many applications, the 6S1O-0 board, with no interrupt, controller, can provide a less expensive means of serial I/O interface. 

Each of the boards could be operated as the single source of interrupts in the system, or, if vectored interrupt handling was available, as one of eight, sources of interrupts.This manual contains an introduction to the board, a functional overview of the board's operation, and setup instructions
The schematic for this board can be obtained here.  The manual can be obtained here.


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