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Ithaca Series III Z80 CPU Card.
This was Intersystems final Z80 Card.

Intersystems Series III Z80 Card

Intersystems produced some of the best S-100 boards around. Their Series-II Z80 was very popular and powerful. 
They came out with an extension of this board called the series III or XPU-80 board. It contains the following features:-

6 MHz operation (Optional 4 MHz operation with no wait states)
Parity error checking
A User/Supervisor Mode
Hardware/Firmware can detect and correct RAM R/W errors
A signal LED that can signal messages under software control
Processor slow-down software seltable wait states
A page type MMU (Memory Management Unit)
Board I/O space can be doubled with hardware from 256 to a total of 512 ports
Latches that store error information
A 1Hz RTC timer "tick" connected to the onboard interrupt controller
Compatibility with IMSAI style Front Panels

Unfortunatly I can not find a schematic for this board but the supplied user manual can be obtained here.

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