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Ithaca Audio Video Display Card. 
This was Ithaca Audio's (later known a Intersystems) Video Display card.

IA Display Card

An early card it had the following features:-
16 lines of 64 characters each.Full 'upper/lower case ASCII   character set, numbers, symbols and Greek letters.
Characters are composed of 7 x 9 dot matrix in an 8 X 10  field.
Selectable display modes, normal or reverse video,  blinking character etc.
Memory addressable to any  1K boundary.
Software driver simulates TTY, provides full cursor control (up, down, forward, back, home,  and  flashing), scrolling, and paging.
Convenient composite video out  connector,  RCA phono plus.50-60 Hz jumper option, compatible with European requirements.
Compatible with CPM or Ithaca Audio's K3 Operating SystemAll S-100 lines are fully buffered.

The manual can be obtained from here


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