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CompuPro - 451A CPU286
This was CompuPro's (or by then Viasyn's) final Intel IEEE-696 CPU board. They did make an S-100 board with an 80386 CPU.  However was not fully S-100 compatible since it did have to make use of a secondary bus connector at the top of the board edge to support high speed 32 bit communication with memory located on separate S-100 Boards also fitted with this connector.   The board was introduced in July 1983.

CompuPro CPU-286

I have no information about this interesting looking board. I cannot locate the manual for this board. If you would like to provide one (or the above 386 board) for others to read. I will be delighted to enter it here.  

It appears there was two different arrangements of this 286 board board.  There was an earlier board shown below where the chips were arranged differently.   Note, it was quite common to find the voltage regulators removed from these late Viasyn S-100 boards where a regulate +5V was put on the motherboard instead of +8Volts.  Be careful not to put these boards into a "regular" S-100 system.

CompuPro 80286-II

The manual for this board can be obtained here.

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