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CompuPro - CPU Z
The CPU-Z was CompuPro's main S-100 Bus CPU for a long time.

CompuPro CPU-Z

The board features on-board PROM sockets (2716's or 2732's), a power-on-jump circuit to any 256 byte boundary, a Memory Manager to extend the addressing range of the system from 64K-bytes to a maximum of 16M-bytes of system RAM, fully maskable vectored interrupts to speed up system throughput by eliminating polling loops, and wait state generation circuitry for all machine cycles. Other features standard to all CompuPro boards include thorough bypassing of all supply lines to suppress transients, on board regulators, and low power Schottky-TTL and MOS technology integrated circuits for reliable, cool operation.  The board had a very "clean" electronic layout and in many cases went well pass the 4 MHz with newer Z80's, though the board allowed the option of adding only one wait state to I/O, RAM or the on board ROM.
The manual for this board can be found here

Some extra information configiuring this board.
Normall you will want to use the board with 2732 EPROMS. There are some things in the manual that are not clear...
Jumpers J2  (for 2732's) should be B (the middle position) to C.
Jumper J4 should be connected.
Jumper J5 (for 2732's) should  be A-B.
I have Switch 1 positions 1,2,3,4, and 6 on and 5,6,&7 off.
Switch S2 sets the Reset/POC jump address. I have the Monitor at 0F000H so positions 1,2,3,4 on, the rest off.
The monitor ROM will reside at address F000H, so switch S3 positions 1,2,3,&4 are OFF.  (4 must be off in spite of what the manual says)
Since I jump to the onboard EPROM switch 3 position 5 is off. (If you have an external S-100 EPROM board it is on).
S3 positions 6&7 are on and 8 off.

Most important for 2732 EPROMS is the socket location. PROMS on even boundries (0H, 2000H, 4000H...) have to be in the "LOW" socket. EPROMS located on odd boundaries (1000H,3000H...F000H) have to be in the "High" socket. The manual does not tell you this!

Be carefull with the extended addressing.  Sure you can set the adderss linea A16-23 but if you use 64K RAM boards in 64K chunks you will blow yourself out of the water with the switch. You have to have some common RAM not switched. The Intersystems window approach is better I think, see
here. Also see our own board described on this site here.


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