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CompuPro - SPIO
This was a fully functional graphics board with 8K of RAM and a parallel I/O port.

Godbout Spectrum board

This board incorporated static memory technology for the 8K x 8 screen memory of the 6847 color graphics generator. With the 6847, the user could select 10 different color modes of operation - from full alphanumeric with semi graphics to high density graphics. Upon power-up, the SPECTRUM board behaved as a standard high speed 8K static RAM board - capable of running at 6MHz with a Z-80 and 8MHz with an 8085 or 8088.

When graphics was required, the user alters the board programming through the Graphics Control Port. This port not only controlled the board's operation as a RAM board or a graphics board, but graphics density, color set  and alphanumeric/semi-graphics  mode. A 75 ohm video output was provided through an RCA type jack for direct con­nection to a color monitor, or through a four pin connector that can directly mated to any F.C.C. approved modulator.

A programmable wait state generator was provided in color graphics mode to compensate for the restricted timing requirements when the 6847 was in operation. Full 24 bit addressing was provided so that the graphics RAM could be removed from base page memory, and finally, a full duplex parallel port with full hand­shaking was provided for interfacing to keyboards, joysticks, LED's or anything requiring parallel port  data. 

The manual for this board can be obtained here.


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