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CompuPro - Interfacer 3
The Interfacer 3 was an 8 channel serial I/O board. It was designed primarily for a multiuser system with a number or serially connected CRT's linked to the S-100 system. I cannot locate a good image of this board. If you have one I will place it here for others to use please let me know.


The board used a block of 8 contiguous port addresses. CompuPro software defaulted to 10H to 17H. The block itself was switch selectable. Each user had their own "channel" via the base port to communicate with the board.  More than 8 users could also be connected if multiple boards were used.  The board was designed to work with a fast CPU by optionally adding two bus cycle wait states.  The board had an elaborate interrupt capability as well. It utilized eight 2651 UART's. From a programming prospective each "user" had exclusive access to one. Fortunately CompuPro provide software interface examples in their manual.
The manual for this board can be obtained here.  (All listings on the web seem to be missing the board overview page).


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