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CompuPro - System Support 1 Board
The System Support 1 board combined many of the most often desired "extras" in an S-100 computer system. Most of these features don't take up enough board space to justify an entire board devoted to performing specifically that function.  For example, if every function that is performed by the System Support were put on a separate  board, it would take up 7 slots!   By integrating all these functions into one multi-function board, CompuPro conserved slots, power,  and  cost.

System Support1

This board provided the system with sophisticated control of bus interrupts, 3 independent interval timers, a "real time" clock/calendar that provides BCD hours/minutes/seconds /month/day/year with battery backup, a full RS-232 serial channel which included full handshaking, space for 4K of RAM or EPROM with provision for battery back-up for 2K of CMOS RAM. There was also provision for adding a high performance math processor to increase system throughput. There even was circuitry for the generation of  the  new S-100  signal PWRFAIL signal. The board did however require 16 I/O ports. These could however reside on any 16 port boundary. CompuPr0 started their block at 50H. The  onboard memory could be phantomed out or disabled.  It used the 9511A or 9512 math co-processor and required the bus pin 49 for a 2Mhz clock signal.
There was a System Support 2 board as well but I cannot get any information about it.  If you have any please let me know.
The manual for this board can be obtained here


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