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CompuPro - PC Video
CompuPro did nor really go into the video S-100 board area. They preferred to communicate with serial ports/CRT's.  This entirely made sense in multiuser situations. The  did make one interesting board, possibly the last S-100 board CompuPro (or Viasyn as they were called then) produced. It was an IBM PC compatible video b
oard. I can find very little information about this board. If you can provide pictures of a manual I will place it here for others to review.

CompuPro PC-Video Board

The board was centered around a MC 6845 video chip.  It provided all the functionality of both the monochrome graphics adapter and the color graphics adapter boards as designed for use with the original IBM PC. CompuPro provided BIOS support for this board in OS versions as old as CP/M 8-16, allowing it to be used as the “console” for these older DRI operating systems. However, the real utility for this board came with the introduction of MS-DOS application support in later versions of DRI’s Concurrent CP/M and Concurrent DOS.

The very detailed and extensive manual (114 pages) can be obtained here.


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