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CompuPro - NS32016 CPU Board
CompuPro was as best I can tell the only company to make an S-100 bus National Semiconductor 32016 CPU board.  I have  also seen pictures of an earlier "Compupro 16032 Board"-- the original national chip, see here.  Unfortunately this VAX like CPU chip arrived too late to take the market away from the Intel/Motorola CPU's.  That said, it was a phenomenal chip for it's time. The board was introduced in July 1983.

The CPU 32016 from CompuPro was one of the most advanced processors available for the IEEE 696/S-100 Bus. Based on National Semiconductor's high performance NS32016 32-bit microprocessor, it included sockets for the NS32082 Memory Management Unit, the NS32081 IEEE Floating Point Unit, the NS32202 Interrupt Control Unit, and up to 32K of onboard EPROM. Powerful features of CPU 32016 include:

A symmetrical instruction set specifically designed to support high level languages such as C, Pascal, or Ada
Nine vectored hardware interrupts, eight vectored software interrupts, and two fully programmable timers
Optional demand paged virtual memory management with dynamic address translation, memory protection, and extensive debugging support facilities
Optional single and double precision IEEE floating point operations using all addressing modes of the processor

The CPU 32016 also included circuitry that allowed it to handle 8 and 16-bit memory and I/O devices that conform to the IEEE 696/S-100 protocol for 8- and 16-bit transfers. Both 8- and 16-bit types could be mixed in a system; the CPU 32016 dynamically adjust itself to the proper bus width. The CPU 32016 is fully compatible with DMA devices that adhere to the IEEE 696/S-100 standard protocols (like the DISK lA, DISK 2, DISK 3, MPX-1 etc.).

The CPU 32016 operated with a 6 MHz clock, but was designed and tested at higher speeds and could accommodate faster parts when they were available. A flexible internal wait state generator facilitated the use of slow I/O or memory in these faster systems.

A special clock switching circuit allowed the use of specially designed slave processors to share the bus with the CPU 32016. Devices using this special clock switching feature were free of the CPU clock and are able to execute bus cycles either faster (in the case of a high speed DMA channel) or slower (in the case of a slow peripheral) than the CPU clock. Couple with its high speed 32-bit operation with the powerful IEEE 696/S-100 features, you got a processor board for quite advanced computing systems.

The manual for this board can be obtained here.

The programming files for the four custom PAL/GAL's can be obtained here.  U20, U24, U27 and U32

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