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Cromemco D+7A I/O 

The Cromemco D+7A I/O board was a very specilized board produced early in the company history to allow the use of two Joy Sticks to be used with their Dazzler board. However it was a very powerful and useful general analog to digital converter board.

Cromemco D+7AIO

The board provided one digital and 7 analogue input/output ports to be utilized.   The board was completely port addressable with the lowest port being the digital parallel port.  Cromemco software uses ports 19H to 1FH.  The analogue to digital conversion was done using a MC 1408L D to A chip.  The seven analogue ports each had a range of -2.56 volts to +2.54 volts. The voltage is represented as twos complement with the least significant bit representing a 20 millivolt increment.
There was an excellent discussion/write up about this board in the July 1997 Interface Age magazine.
That article can be obtained here

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