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Cromemco WDI-II
The Cromemco WDI-II was what the WDI should have been. While still not ST-506 compatible it did allow you to interface 5" or 8" hard disks. It was used with their HDD-22, HD-11 and HD5 drives. It still was quite specific to Cromemco hardware however.

Cromemco WDI-II

The controller could work with up to 6 separate drives and utilized DMA memory access for fast data transfers. The software supplied was fairly complex and set to work with their Cromix Multi-user system. However they did also supply a stripped down CDOS (~CPM) version as well. If you are going to use this board start with their HDIAG diagnostic program. BTW, a fast 4MHz CPU was required. A 2 MHz Z80 could not keep up with the data.  The board had interrupt capability but was not used by their software. There was  elaborate circuitry to handle S-100 systems that had multiple DMA controllers on the bus.  Again some 15 IO ports were eaten up to run the board.  The default port with their software was E0H to EFH.
The manual for this board can be obtained here


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