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Cromemco GPIB Controller
This was a Cromemco board to interact with a General Purpose Instrument Bus. It came out some time in 1980.

GPIB Board

The Cromemco General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) Board was an intelligent interface between a host system S-100 bus and an IEEE 488 instrumentation bus. Two TI 2516 EPROM sockets (4 Kbytes) supply the GPIBB program store, and 4 Kbytes of RAM memory were supplied for data buffering, scratchpad memory and the Z-80A stack. The firmware program store controled a dedicated Z-80A microprocessor, clocked at 4 MHz, to manage all interface functions. GPIBB connector J2 provided the standard GPIB (IEEE Std 488-1978) interface, and connector J1 supplied a general purpose TTL parallel I/O port (this port was termed the External I/O port throughout the manual). All GPIB interface functions were managed by the Texas Instruments TMS 9914 GPIB Adapter.  A somewhat similar boards was the Pickles & Trout 488 board.
The rather large manual for this board (36MG), can be obtained here.


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