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Cromemco - Other Boards
The European branch of Cromemco continued to produce Cromemco boards after the US parent company disappeared.   I can find almost no information on these boards. If you have information or manuals you would like to share please let me know.
Cromemco ESDI Disk Controller

Cromemco ESDI Controller

I have no information about this board.


Cromemco XXU

Cromemco XXU

Clearly one powerful S-100 board.  It contains a Motorola 68020 running at 20 MHz.


Cromemco XMU Board

Cromemco XMU

The Cromemco XMU board provides demand-paging memory management, and many advanced features, such as scatter loading, that increase processing speed and optimizes memory utilization. Context switching is done in a single instruction time for fast response when switching from user to user, or task to task. The result is that multiple users can be added to the system with minimum degradation of system performance.


Cromemco GPIB Controller

Cromemco GPIB Controller

This was a Cromemco board to interact with a General Purpose Instrument Bus. It came out some time in 1980.


Other Cromemco S-100 Boards
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