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Cromemco 64KZ-II Dynamic RAM Board  
Cromemco almost from the start decided to build their systems with dynamic RAM memory cards. They started with 16K cards but later moved to this very reliable and popular 64K RAM card.

Cromemco 64K RAM

There were a few variations of the basic card. The 64KZ-II being the most elaborate and flexible.  There were multiple switch settings required depending on if the card was to be used in a single user 64K system or multiple cards in a multi-user system working with their Cromix system. Up to one of 8 banks of boards could be individually selected (by outputting a bit to port 40H).  The board did not utilize the refresh signal from the Z80 CPU card but instead had it's own onboard refresh controller.
The manual for the 64KZ-II can be obtained for this board here.
The manual for the original 64KZ can be obtained here


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